About Ibiland has been created for dreamers and travellers.
We write about Ibiza, the colours of the sunset at Es Vedra in November, lunch with friends in a country house under the shade of olives trees. We will inspire you with all fine details that you are yet to discover in Ibiza…

With the help of Giulia Brunelli and Veronicas Mansi’s photographs, Giada reveals a new perception of Ibiza and delivers you a new land of discovery. No selfies is allowed … but a story to tell.

Two friends, a charmed island and a vision… shake it with the ‘just-right time’ and IBILAND is born. Through us and around us… it comes alive here!

Ibiland, Entonces Ibiza.

Giada’s first experience of Ibiza was back in 2001! The island then became her home for 5 years where she embraced the culture & lifestyle of Ibiza. She left the island to study in Rome and London to further her education in the world of business & marketing. The travel bug was always apparent with her and she went onto discover the beauty of South Africa, she lived there for 5 years to then go onto live in Abu Dhabi, Italy and then guess what…back to Ibiza!