Backstage Ibiza Medievale

BACKSTAGE EIVISSA MEDIEVAL FAIR 2016. Ibiland Crew is ready to charge Summer 2016!!! (ENG)

I honestly cannot tell why I am so fortunate. Maybe it’s because when life takes something away, sooner or later it gives you something back. It was taken a lot away from me, however today I feel something good happening in return.  I’m finding myself surrounded by a fabulous team and I suddenly feel very lucky and supported.

Great professionals which who have now become special friends, are helping me to deliver the magic of Ibiland to our readers.

Giulia Brunelli. besides being a great photographer and art director for Public28, is also Ibiland ‘s Mom! Without her, Ibiland would never have been born!

Veronica Mansi: my half Argentinian, half Italian fairy! I found this talented photographer on the Web and she is my confirmation that something magic is actually happening around us…

Y Entonces Ibiland 2016!


Backstage Ibiza Medievale